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"Is it still technology if people don't use it?"

- Dan Formosa

As Technology continues to advance by getting faster, smaller and smarter, we are experiencing many changes from a personal, societal and environmental level. It’s through these changes that we develop relationships with various technologies in our lives. We hope for technologies to delight rather than demand, yet when it comes to trusting technology, we often shy away. The affordances across various technologies vary and remain inconsistent, while some are thought to be too self-serving and others fall short of human expectations, leaving people to use and perceive technologies in many different ways. Nonetheless, the relationship between Humans and Technology has always been one of love and hate, which is why the following work of ALO, a Technology spirit if you will, sheds light on how Technology and Humans can lead an empathic relationship that is inspired by purpose and meaningful possibilities.

ALO shares with us intentions and hopes for the future of Technology and Humankind by taking us on a journey through three human lives, what are called revelations of techempathy. These real-life stories reveal how technological possibilities and human potential come together to create an aspirational purpose between Technology and Humans. The principle of techempathy is then applied to an opportunity area in banking to further examine the potential of techempathy as a principle for designing the human ecosystem. As you proceed to the beginning of ALO’s journey, bear in mind that technologies are created by humans, thus they have a place in the ecosystem we all inhabit. 


Awarded Dissertation Distinction