when 'prove' most likely becomes 'pivot'



“Our customers struggle to plan, manage and complete their project with confidence, such that they successfully achieve their goal.”








mvp value proposition

“A personal end-to-end coach for your home improvement project”



who we approached

We started with a sample of 24 people from across the UK— people in the process of a bathroom project or about to start their project.

behaviours we observed

We came across a variety of tasks people were currently in the process of tackling within their bathroom projects. We learnt that everyone has a source of confidence, their own approach to tasks, understanding of standards, ways of dealing with challenges and adapting the changing circumstances.


value we detected

  • Bird’s eye view of a project: Sequence of lists helped people understand what was needed and what was coming next

  • It’s all about the how-to: Out of all the features, people felt that the How To Content was what the app was most useful for (11/18)

findings from analytics

  • Helpful: 8 found Coach ‘very helpful' when completing their project tasks

  • Continued use: 69% continued to use coach after research tasks were complete

  • Future use: 10 said they would definitely download Project Coach again



areas that fell flat

  • Personalisation: People felt that at times, the content was too generic, which made it difficult to use in the specific context of their project

  • Budgeting: People found that budgeting was the least useful feature

  • Help: People didn’t feel the app was something that could help them in an emergency

questions to consider based on analytics

  • Service usage engagement: People spent an average of 6 minutes on the service.

* Why are people spending less time on Coach than Expert (app that helps you find the right product for purchase; average time being 8min), given that Coach is content-centric? 

  • Encourage project completion: Over the total of 8 tasks the average of completion is 1.5 tasks per day.

* If people have been working on their project during the weekday (not only weekends), how is Coach helping people complete tasks, via efficiency/personal standards/etc?

  • Increase product interest: 36% of people showed interest by visiting diy.com

Some of the items that people have looked in diy.com: Bath panel, Chinagraph pencil, Diamond wheel tile cutter, Aquadry corner seal, Tiling sponge, Bath tub, Bath waste, Basin taps, Electric drill, Floor tiles, Floor tile grout, Bath panel

* How do we keep people within the Coach experience, or ensure they come back to using the service after having purchased their products on the shopping list?

  • Identify and reduce mishaps: 7% of people have visited ‘Help Forum’

Some of the tasks that people have looked for help on the Forum: How-to: install underfloor heating, Solve a leak, Ruling, Seal a shower

* How can we become proactive in the how-to content we surface by understanding the challenges people are reaching out for help?

  • Understand the difference in expectations between help and professional help: 10% of people have visited ‘Professional Help’

* Is there an opportunity to integrate professional services/partner with service providers to accommodate for immediate support/expert support?


comeback of the tamagotchi: Looking after the app became a task in itself

Although Coach provides structure and trusted how-to guides, it felt inflexible, prescriptive and not useful when things don't go to plan (as they often do during home improvement tasks/projects).

  • Much like the Tamagotchi, the Coach app needed far to much attention (list-ticking, budget inputting), taking away the user from actually doing the handiwork. 

  • The textbook-like experience did not account for the realities of home improvement (i.e. when one task unveils a whole new problem that needs immediate attention). 


design for the realities of a project

We need to accept that the journey will involve its highs and lows. Confidence is what gets you through the lows and gives you momentum through the highs.